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Exportia Lab: Start sourcing local tech support to sustain growth in Europe with Clément LEAUTE

Are you a manufacturer or a software developer, and are exporting a fairly technical product to Europe? Are you wondering how you can support your European customers with local technical skills?

Level Up Your Sales in Europe With a Strong Sales Team

Level Up Your Sales in Europe with a strong Sales Team in the European Market Small and medium-sized businesses need a strong team to be successful in the European market. Our clients often compete against large multinationals. In dealing with a smaller supplier versus a larger one, it is usually the customer experience that makes [...]

Exportia Lab: Expand your business into Europe in 2022

2022 is approaching soon. Now is the time prepare !You might be wondering? How is business like in Europe at the moment? Can I travel to Europe?Is business back to normal? What about Trade Shows? Is it worth booking any?These are some of the questions I will respond to during our December Exportia LAB " Expand your business in Europe in 2022" OPEN SESSION

The Importance of Sales Channels for your Business

The Importance of Sales Channels for your Business Sales channels play a critical role in having a successful expansion into Europe. They are also known as distribution channels or channel partners for the IT industry. The fastest, most cost-effective, and lowest risk method to enter the European market is to establish good sales channels. This [...]

Identify your Ideal Customers in the European Market

Identify your Ideal Customers in the European Market Now that you know which product to focus on selling in the European market. It’s time for you to get to know your future customers. Here at Exportia, we call it the ‘ideal customer profile’. Identifying your ideal customers will help you be successful in Europe. Four [...]

How To Succeed in Europe with the Right Product

Successful expansion into the European market is reliant on seven mission-critical export pillars. In this blog series, we will be covering each pillar in depth, beginning with the right product. There are different factors you need to consider in choosing the right products to ensure you succeed in Europe with your exports.  Four key factors [...]

Where has my margin gone? The art of enforcing favourable trading terms with your European clients and distributors

In cooperation with AusIndustry, we hosted a webinar called : "Where has my margin gone? The art of enforcing favourable trading terms with European distributors and clients" Michel Scheuble from Fracht Australia, joined as our guest for a part of the webinar and shared recent updates about Incoterms and international freight.

Which attributes to look for when selecting the best B2B European distribution partner in July 2021 and beyond

Working with high performing distributors is critical for exporters, particularly right at the moment when the ability to travel is reduced and the conditions do not make it easy to recruit a local sales team.