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We are your Outsourced European Sales
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Our  #1 goal is to help your generate your first Million Euros in Sales.



We help non EU countries succeed through our European Sales Team

Our European Sales team help Small& Medium businesses with AUD1.5 Million+ turnover in technology sectors in B2B that have a strategic objective to export to Europe.  COntact us at:

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As an award-winning author, as a speaker, and as the owner of Exportia, I work with amazing CEOs around the world who are strategic about their business succeeding in Europe.

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Where to start: CE Mark for Medical Devices

When doing business in Europe it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to carry out the conformity assessment with the European standards for its range of products. Since the introduction of the MDR (European Medical Device Regulation 2017/745) and the IVDR (European in Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulation 2017/746 (EU-IVDR), we understand this process for medical devices and diagnostic products has far become more complex.