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4 Steps to Generate your First Million Euros in Sales Book Launch

This is the September update of our Webcast, How exporters can survive COVID-19 and then PROSPER. Our objective will help for you to better understand the challenges that SMEs are facing and start planning to reconfigure your business sales process and approach to take account of the new reality. Now the constraints related to COVID-19 have been integrated, and it’s time to build long-term business resilience and more sustainable international growth for your business, as we are uncertain when the crisis will clear. This event will also focus on successful overseas customer/business partner engagement strategies and supporting SMEs to prosper in COVID-19 times and beyond.

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EXPORTIA LAB: Why establishing a European Sales Agent Network is a great way to accelerate your sales?

Recruiting a network of Sales Agents is a great way to accelerate sales in Europe. It is also a low risk option that offer a lot of advantages for small businesses!