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We are your Outsourced European Sales
& Marketing Department in Europe.

Our #1 goal is to help your generate your first Million Euros in Sales.

If you are generating a minimum of 10 million AUD in sales, you could be
generating your first million Euros within two years.



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4 Steps to Generate your First Million Euros in Sales Virtual Book Launch

4 Steps to Generate your First Million Euros in Sales by Christelle Damiens On the 29th of September, Christelle will launch her second book, the 4 Steps to generate your first million Euros in Sales. This event will be a celebration of Australian technology excellence and its success in the European market. Three CEOs of [...]

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Here’s why it’s crucial to maintain direct contact with your end-users when you set-up a distribution network in Europe

Over the years, I have found that small businesses get confused and sometimes intimidated by their European distributors, which are trying to dissuade them from having direct contacts with the end-users. It’s a very common practice, as distributors are trying to protect their key clients relationships.