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Step 1: Export Readiness Diagnostic

Export Readiness Diagnostic

This is our first step in the Exportia 4-Step-Process. The European market offers plenty of opportunities for non -European companies wanting to expand. To accelerate your success in Europe you need to make sure your business is ready to sell to the European market. Like one of our customers told us once “Exporting is like gambling time and money!” What he meant by that was when you make your first entry into Europe you want to make sure you do it right, so that you don’t waste any time or get a low return on your investment. 

The first basic step to take in order to be successful and generate your first Million Euros in sales is to be ready. This is how you can check if your business is ready. With the Exportia Export Readiness Diagnostic Quiz, within 20 minutes, your business will be assessed against 7 key success factors. It will cover areas like European compliance, protection of intellectual property, funding and sales track record.

Take your first step today to be on your way to generate your first million Euros in sales.

And this is how:

  1. Take the online quiz available here 
  2. You will receive via email a link to download a tailored report in your inbox, with your score, a to do list and a benchmark. Your report will highlight your strengths and weaknesses in the Exportia 7 mission critical pillars that are essential to your success in Europe. This report will provide you with an understanding of:
    • How ready you are to generate your first million Euros in Sales or more.
    • What you need to do now to reach that goal.
    • The best practices that successful exporters to Europe implement in their businesses.
  3. At the end of this first Step, you will have the resources and be in a position to do the relevant checks before you start. And you will get the opportunity to book a time with a European market specialist to review your score and report and respond to any question you would have.

Here are some of the typical mistakes you want to avoid by taking the Export Readiness Diagnostic. 

Businesses that go to the European market without being ready typically waste time and money. Some of the typical mistakes that businesses make include not being compliant with European norms and starting to want to sell straight away in Europe. It usually wastes the time of the potential European customer. The first question they will ask is: Do you comply with European norms? If you have not ticked this box, it is not worth starting to sell. Another typical mistake that start-ups make is trying to sell to Europe, without having signed a few happy customers in their domestic market. The first question that a European customer will ask you is : “in your home country to whom do you sell?” 

If you want to avoid some of the typical mistakes, non -European businesses make when entering the European market, take the test now.

“Every aspect of Exportia’s assistance with market validation and gaining early market traction was professional, experienced and successful – we learned a whole lot and feel well equipped for the next stage of our business. Thanks to Christelle, Jalil, and team for your wealth of knowledge and skill.”

Dr Jonathan Hall
Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer





Take the test! Within 20 minutes, you will have a report, assessing how you perform in 7 mission critical areas, that are essential to your success in exporting to Europe.

Export Readiness Diagnostic