Charlemagnet – Episode 2: Online VS Onsite Meetings

Charlemagnet – Episode 2: Online VS Onsite Meetings

In the previous years, we generated tons of leads through visits and onsite meetings. But as businesses transition from traditional meetings to online meetings we have been able to thrive and rapidly adapted our way of selling by effectively using web conferencing platforms.

We had to change the sales process so our customers are able to continue developing their business and sales activities in Europe.

Now that the world has moved on from lockdowns and returned to its regular business operations. In this episode, Isabell and Thomas talk about Online versus On-site meetings with European clients : online vs onsite what is the best? Listen to Episode 2 of Charlemagnet with our French-German duo.

About Charlemagnet

Charlemagnet is a video series aimed to help exporters maximize their business potential in Europe by providing the Do’s and Don’ts when working with Europeans. Isabell and Thomas share their very own German and French perspective as they work on a daily basis with non-European businesses.

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