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At Exportia we are export consultants helping Australian small and medium sized businesses export successfully to Europe. We specialise in technology sectors such as:

ICT and Digital


Medical Devices


Clean Technologies

Energy Efficiency

Innovative Technologies

Advanced Manufacturing

Over the last 10 years, we have successfully taken dozens of innovative Australian companies to Europe in these sectors.

We make available to your business, a team of export consultants, who will guide you through the steps necessary to obtain sales in Europe. We have developed a framework that takes your business through the steps from selecting the right country for your product or service, recruiting distributors, generating leads. We even go as far as assisting your business to recruit, train and manage a local European sales team.

It’s all about the sales.

Exportia is an Austrade referral partner, and a corporate referral partner of a number Australian States. Exportia services are eligible for the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme and other grants.

Founded in 2006 by Christelle Damiens, Managing Director, Exportia was created shortly after Christelle migrated from France to Australia. After 6 years in sales at IBM Paris, she decided to go back to her passion for international business and to focus particularly on small businesses. She found that her past sales experiences in Europe in a high-tech environment, her ability to communicate in five languages meant that she had a lot to offer to Australian Small and Medium Enterprises. Christelle knows that Australian SMEs are looking to grow internationally, but they often lack the time and financial and human resources to take the step. Over the years by working with dozens of Australian high-tech companies, Exportia has developed a framework and a set of tools tailored to the needs of technology companies that enable them to export successfully to Europe.

The Team

Christelle Damiens
Managing Director

Christelle turned her back to a successful career as a sales representative in the corporate world. As she moved to Australia in 2006, she created Exportia straight away, having accumulated a wealth sales experiences Europe-wide both for a small business as an Export Manager and as a Sales Representative at IBM in Paris.

“Having taken dozens of Australian businesses to Europe, I personally know the difficulty for a small business to significantly grow their sales in the European market. It is a very diverse market and small businesses often don’t know where to start. Small business owners are often caught up with running their business and with their domestic market to be able to allocate enough time to the European market. Lowering the risk for small businesses and guiding them to maximise the export sales results are what drives us at Exportia.”

French native speaker, fluent in German and English, with Basic Italian and Hindi

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