Charlemagnet – Episode 1: Languages

Charlemagnet – Episode 1: Languages

Whenever we are dealing with Europeans, it is common to hear people remark that most Germans are fine with English, most Swedes and Dutch have beautiful English – such statements are commonplace and are mainly expressed by British, Australians and Americans, who do not speak any foreign languages and have little understanding of what the Europeans speaking English think and do not always realise what they miss out on.

In our first episode, Isabell and Thomas will share with you a glimpse of the relation of Europeans with English and with their own language. We hope to show you how realising and understanding the importance of European languages can give you a competitive edge when doing business in Europe.

About Charlemagnet

Charlemagnet is a video series aimed to help exporters maximize their business potential in Europe by providing the Do’s and Don’ts when working with Europeans. Isabell and Thomas share their very own German and French perspective as they work on a daily basis with non-European businesses.

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