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Step 4: Scale

Grow your sales to one million euros and beyond 

After the Lead Generation stage, we define a 12-month plan covering the 7-Export Pillars that are key success factors in our Exportia methodology. In this twelve month program we focus on on more Lead Generation, European Distributor management, and European Key Account Management.

When you are ready, we help you recruit your on the ground sales team, we train them, and get them up to speed with your product and sales method. Essentially, we help you scale your business in different European countries, growing your sales team and managing their performance.

The objective of the Scale stage is really to place your business in a position to generate its first million euros in sales and go beyond. Your ability to scale your business will mainly depend on your capacity to finance further expansion, and on your ability to structure your European systems for them to further grow with local teams. It’s crucial for this process to be staged. Our experience with non-European companies in Europe demonstrates that it usually happens in three stages:

  1. From initial sales to several hundred thousand, say 500,000 euros: you Secure your anchor clients and Convert leads into sales.
  2. From 500,000 euros to one million euros: Accelerate sales.
  3. From one million euros: LEverage.


Each stage requires you to have a specific focus. It’s important not to go too fast and to secure every step along the way.

Here are some of the cases where a SCALE package can accelerate your success:

  • You have sold in Europe, but want to accelerate your revenue growth, you’re not sure how
  • You already sell in a couple of European markets and want to target a new one
  • You have distributors in Europe, but they don’t do too well for you and you are looking at options to improve your distributor network in Europe
  • You are doing well in some countries, but need support in others
  • You have a good growth, but cannot do it all, and you find it hard to hire in every single European country, you would love some help before you commit to hiring
  • You would love to recruit a network of Sales Agents in Europe, but don’t know how


If any of these situations ring a bell, contact us to evaluate where you are currently at in Europe and where you want to go. In a discovery session with you, we can discuss a plan to take you there, making the most of our European in-country multilingual Lead Generators, European Sales managers, Customer Service and Project Managers. The Exportia team has a track record in scaling non-EU businesses into their first million Euros and beyond. We would love to take your business there!

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The greatest value CleanSpace experience about hiring the services of Exportia is the speed of generating sales in Europe and the depth of penetration that the team of Exportia provides with all their activities.

Within a short amount of time we realized dealing with large national distributors in France, based on the experience and knowledge of Exportia to understand and manage cultural differences and to provide feedback from the field to us. Exportia represents CleanSpace in a number of key markets in Europe and is very comfortable to provide technical support and training to customers in their own language, which gives our clients assurance and in the end a good outcome for us.

The services of Exportia certainly made a difference to our bottom line and in all cases of exporting to Europe we strongly recommend working with the professional team of Exportia.

Dr Alex Birrell
Chief Executive Officer






Scale to an additional European Country
Expand your distribution in Europe
Set-up multilingual customer service
Recruit your on the ground Sales Team
Manage your sales performance

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