Exportia Lab: The Art of Influencing applied to technology businesses entering the European market

As non-European businesses enter the European market or a specific European country, they need to create traction to be successful. And they need to do it fast. One of the powerful ways to give the market confidence to buy your new and unknown technology is to build credibility. In this September Exportia LAB, we are going to look at how you can create traction and credibility in European as new comer. The topic of this month is : "The Art of Influencing applied to technology businesses entering the European market"

Charlemagnet – Episode 3: European Tradeshows

Strategic partnerships are often formed during Trade Shows in Europe. We have seen this trend for every single client, they met their best distributor at a show. They came across a large customer at a conference. It is a recurring trend. For this reason and also because European shows are back in a big way, Thomas and Isabell will share the proven tips to maximize your success in European tradeshows!

Charlemagnet – Episode 2: Online VS Onsite Meetings

Now that the world has moved on from lockdowns and returned to its regular business operations. In this episode, Isabell and Thomas talk about Online versus On-site meetings with European clients : online / on-site what is the best? Listen to Episode 2 of Charlemagnet with our French-German duo.

Exportia Lab: The Pros and Cons of the new European Unitary Patent System for exporters

Join us on this June Exportia LAB to explore a new way to register a patent in up to 17 European countries in one application. Robbie Boukarroum, patent attorney at FPA Patent Attorneys, will share with us what this new system is about. We will discuss the pros and cons for the different options.

The Underestimated Power of Customer Service

Do you know how much your customers value a good customer service experience? Perhaps you know how much your customers are willing to pay for it? Excellent customer service will help you generate more income from your customers. It’s one way to boost your income with your European customers, whether they be public organisations or large [...]