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Below are some valuable products to help you on your export journey.

NEW : The 4 Steps to generate your first Million Euros in Sales

The proven methodology to scale your business in Europe

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Are you planning to take your business to Europe but don’t know where to start? Have you hired in Europe or established a distributor but are still not generating the revenue you expect? Are your products available in Europe but you’re not meeting your sales target?

Whatever stage you are at in the European market, this book will help you recognise and understand where things might go wrong and learn how you can put your business on the right track. With a proven 4-step methodology, this book helps small businesses fast-track their sales in Europe and reach that first million euros in sales.

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4 Steps customer gift book bundle

Are your customers exporting or planning to export?
Here is a great tool for them to accelerate their success in Europe.

Ready, Tech, Go!

The Definitive Guide to Exporting Australian Technology to Europe

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Are you a small technology business owner wanting to take your business to the European market? Do you find it hard to get any practical information about how to get in front of the right decision makers and how to convince them? Or maybe you’ve done the trip to Europe, but nobody gets back to you when you are back home? Ready, Tech, Go is a pragmatic guide based on the experience of business owners in your industry, taking their business to the European market.

It provides you with a step-by-step process to secure every milestone on the export journey, to lower risk and maximize results.

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Have a one-on-one 1h Video Conference with Christelle.

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This is a one on one session with you and Christelle. This export coaching session is composed of three parts and will take place in the following sequence:

  1. First, you will take the Go Export Ready Diagnostic Test, prior to your first session with Christelle.
  2. Next Christelle will conduct a Web meeting with you. You will receive a 60 minute session where she will give you personalised advice, recommendations and consultation on your specific export plans. Christelle will ensure you gain clarity about your next immediate steps in Europe and that you head in the right direction to launch your product or further grow in Europe.
  3. One month later you will have another WebCall session with Christelle. This will be a further 20 minutes where Christelle goes through what the steps you have taken and the outcomes achieved, and ensures you have progressed in your international big plan!

If this is exactly how it is going to happen. Book early to avoid disappointment. Christelle travels frequently on behalf of Exportia clients and is an International Speaker. The current wait time to get a booking in Christelle’s diary is between 3 and 6 weeks.

Later down the track:

Export Mentoring Sessions

  1. You will receive a link to our Diagnostic Test. It will create clarity around what you currently have in place and what you’d like to get in place for your automated marketing. You can also send through any additional information, images, diagrams and collateral you have created that is relevant. I will review all this information prior to our first session.
  2. Next we conduct a Skype meeting, you will receive a 60 minute session where I will give you my personal guidance on your specific requirements, issues and I’ll ensure you are ‘unstuck’ and enthused in the right direction to launch your next steps and take action on your marketing plans
  3. I will document the recommended strategy for you and provide this to you as a pdf file with clear notes and recommendations documented throughout.
  4. I will then meet with you on Skype to run you through all the documents ensuring that you clearly understand the strategy presented.
  5. One month later we will hold another Skype session. This will be a further 60 minutes where I will review on the spot what you have achieved, and inject into your marketing my knowledge to further improve your programs.

European Market: let’s get started !

Export to Europe – Starter Pack for Small and Medium-sized businesses

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  • Start with a read of Christelle’s Amazon Best Seller, Ready, tech, Go! The Definitive Guide to Exporting Australian Technology to Europe
  • Continue with the 7-Export Pillar Video Series, covering the steps to take to succeed in Europe. You will receive one video per Export-Pillar via e-mail once a week
  • Use the right tools! You will receive our Export Toolbox: (Export Price List template; Distributors’ interview guides…)
  • Schedule a-45-minute Skype consult with Christelle to make sure you head in the right direction to make the most of these new learnings.