WEBINAR SERIES: How Exporters can survive COVID-19 and then PROSPER

According to Austrade, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting business around the globe to differing degrees, and the situation is changing daily. Exporters have experienced challenges since COVID-19 spread internationally and closed most borders They have had to adapt quickly to survive, balancing maintaining their supply and managing their customer base. Other businesses have been subject to a sudden significant shift in demand – down or upwards.

Our webinar, How exporters can survive COVID-19 and then PROSPER, will help you better understand the challenges that SMEs are facing and start planning to reconfigure your business sales processes and approach to take account of the new reality.  Turn the lessons learnt from COVID-19 into greater business resilience and more sustainable international growth for your business once the crisis clears. This event will also focus on successful overseas customer/business partner engagement strategies and supporting SMEs to prosper beyond COVID-19.

Christelle Damiens, presenter and Managing Director of Exportia, specialises in successfully taking Australian technology to Europe. She is also the author of “Ready Tech Go! – A definitive guide to exporting Australian technology to Europe”. Christelle says, “I will be sharing with participants the challenge my clients are experiencing because of Covid-19 and how they are adapting effectively, both for the current situation and for the future”.

Dominic Bilbie, Austrade, will also provide a 5 minute Export Market Development Grants Scheme COVID-19 update.





  • Understanding the challenges that Australia exporters are currently facing
  • Practical tips and communication strategies on keeping relationships with international customers alive and thriving
  • SMEs will learn how to use content building, web delivery as an enabler to scale their business internationally in the long run
  • Lessons learnt on risk mitigation when it comes to supply chain
  • International business opportunities that emerge for small businesses during the pandemic
  • How to use the COVID-19 to build a more resilient business


  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Sales and Export Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • General Managers
  • International Business Managers


Christelle turned her back to a successful career as a sales representative in the corporate world in Europe. When she moved to Australia in 2006, she started Exportia to share the wealth of her Europe-wide sales experiences for a small business as an export manager and as a sales representative at IBM in Paris.

“Having taken dozens of Australian businesses to Europe, I personally know the difficulty for a small business to significantly grow their sales in the European market. It is a very diverse market and small businesses often don’t know where to start. Small business owners are often caught up with running their business and with their domestic market to be able to allocate enough time to the European market. Lowering the risk for small businesses and guiding them to maximise the export sales results are what drives us at Exportia.”

Christelle has also encapsulated her learning into a book called “Ready Tech Go! – A definitive guide to exporting Australian technology to Europe”. French native speaker, fluent in German and English, with Basic Italian and Hindi.

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