Exportia Distributor Series 2019-03-28T17:39:08+11:00

Welcome to the Exportia Distributor Series

On the next four weeks, I am going to send you a simple process that you could implement right away to make your distributors work for you ,by following these steps you will be able to save thousands of money that you might spend by investing with the wrong distributors.

The series would be comprise of the following steps:

  1. Profiling your Distributors
  2. Selecting your Distributors
  3. Engaging your Distributors
  4. Activating your Distributors
  5. Managing your Distributors

The email series will give you the tools to visibly assess your sales and indicate if you need to change anything in your approach to better support your distributor. It will also give you key information to determine if you need to add or let go of a distributor.