Exportia Lab: “User Manuals” How to avoid legal pitfalls when exporting to Europe

We get asked a lot of questions about user manuals for the European market: ” do we need to translate our manual in all these European languages?” ; “What needs to be in these manuals for us to make sure we comply with the European standards?” Just to name a few.

That is why I invited Ferry Vermeulen to come along in one 18th of August Exportia LABS.
It will be our usual 30-minute-webinar, during which I will ask Ferry the usual questions that our customers ask us. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions!


About Ferry:

Ferry Vermeulen is based in Amsterdam and the director at INSTRKTIV GmbH. INSTRKTIV helps brands to create compliant and user-friendly user instructions. Ferry is a regular speaker at conferences and publishes CE marking related articles/episodes on his blog and podcast.

Read one of his Guide to CE marking: https://instrktiv.com/en/ce-marking/