Book Launch : Is it time to start exporting to Europe?

Book Launch : Is it time to start exporting to Europe? 2024-03-08T05:54:50+11:00

About the Event

When: 5 March 2024
Where: Via Zoom
Time: 4 PM AEDT | 6 AM CET 2 PM KST | 1 PM CST

This event was hosted by Andrew Griffiths

Andrew  is best known for his 14 bestselling business books written over the last 25 years. He is an Entrepreneurial Futurist, who shares his advice, observations and personal experience to help business owners around the world create successful, future proofed businesses across every industry imaginable. Andrew’s street smart wisdom is practical, inspirational and motivational and he has developed a global reputation as one of the leading business thinkers on the planet. Andrew has also delivered over 1000 presentations in 25 countries, helping millions of business owners to think differently about how they do business.

Andrew has been one of my inspirations over the years and I am very honored to have him as our MC for the book launch.

Are you a non-European business looking to enter the European market?

There are a number of questions you may be wondering about, like:

  • What country should we start in?
  • Should we set-up a European entity, or hire locally?
  • Should we sell direct to our end-users or set-up a European distribution network?

In her new book, Christelle Damiens will help you navigate the European market, examining the latest trends and their impact for businesses, and the current opportunities for technology-based businesses. In Is It Time to Start Exporting to Europe?, Christelle shares the stories of a diverse range of technology-based company CEOs and senior professionals, examining the European entry strategy of each business, the challenges they encountered and their recipes for success. Using her 25 years of experience in this market, Christelle compiles the companies’ learnings at the different stages of their journey and provides insight into what they would have done differently. This book is also valuable if you are you already in the European market and are wondering why sales have slowed or you are facing challenges you don’t know how to overcome.

About the author

This is Christelle Damiens’ third book on the topic of exporting to Europe for fast-growth businesses. Her second book The Four Steps to Generate Your First Million Euros in Sales won the Australian Business Book Award 2020 in the Communications and Sales category. Christelle has delivered keynotes and export programs to hundreds of businesses and since 2006, her business Exportia has led many businesses to success in Europe. While working with companies from Australia, North America and Asia, Christelle has sharpened her insights and expertise into the world of start-ups and SMEs scaling internationally.



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