Exportia Lab: How to find European Distributors?

Exportia Lab: How to find European distributors?

This question is a classic we get from companies that are looking at the European market. Our 16 years of setting-up European distribution networks has taught the team and myself about the best ways to find European distributors. And on the 28th of February, I will gladly share these tips with you!

In 20 minutes, I will share three key points about European distributors. First, the typical mistakes that non-European businesses make about their selection of European distributors and how to avoid them. Then about the importance of good profiling.




Christelle Damiens
Managing Director @Exportia

Christelle Damiens is the Managing Director of Exportia, which provides an outsourced European Sales & Marketing team to Australian B2B manufacturing and technology companies. She is also an award winning author and a business speaker. Her second book “The four steps to generate your first million euros in sales’  won the Australian Business Book Award 2020 in the Communications and Sales category and was a finalist in the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Category, as well as an Amazon best seller. www.exportia.com.au

To learn more, visit : christelledamiens.com