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At Exportia, we are an outsourced European Sales & Marketing team, our number one goal is to help you generate your first million Euro in revenue.

We specialise in a number of key areas. In the early days, it’s just research, then we move to setting-up distributors and generating the first sales leads. Then we focus on conversion of these leads into sales, and ongoing sales until we can start to recruit the first sales team member in-country. At this stage, we look at scaling your business to different countries throughout Europe.

Now you might be wondering how are we going to reverse engineer your first million Euro.

After having taken dozens of Australian businesses to the European market, I developed a framework that we use in everything we do at Exportia. It is a 7-Export Pillar methodology, it is composed of Country, Leads&Customers, Sales Channels, Product, Marketing, Sales Teams, Forecast.

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