Selling successfully to Europe Online Ecommerce Series

Selling successfully to Europe Online Ecommerce Series 2024-07-12T14:31:40+10:00

Selling to Europe : E-Commerce Series

Introducing our new webinar series on e-commerce! Over the past two years, leveraging an e-commerce platform to engage European customers has proven highly successful. The surge in e-commerce adoption across Europe underscores a significant shift in consumer behavior.

While e-commerce presents abundant opportunities for growth and expansion into new markets, it also introduces various risks that businesses must navigate carefully. Join us as we explore these opportunities and address the challenges in this webinar series, designed to equip you with the insights and strategies needed to thrive in the evolving e-commerce landscape.

Managing Euro Exchange Risk with Ebury

Having an e-commerce site up and running to get traction with European customers has been a successful strategy in the last two years. Europeans have embraced e-commerce in a big way in the last two years.E-commerce offers plenty of opportunities but also creates a number of risks.

In this first episode of a series of 3, we join forces with Ebury to tackle the Euro to Dollar exchange rate risk. We will also look at cash flow management.

Our guest and co-host Martin Rush shared a very practical case study of an Australian company running their e-commerce site.


How to comply with the new European VAT rules when selling through an online shop

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) is part of a European Union reform that outlines the VAT rules when selling products and some services to EU consumers. This rule applies to non-European businesses selling via e-Commerce to European Union consumers.

If you are planning to use E-Commerce to boost your sales in Europe, you should be aware of the OSS!

To clarify what it means, I have invited our partner Briddge to come along to this Exportia LAB. One of Briddge expert will describe the scheme and also respond to your question.

Organising a European third-party logistics and order fulfilment centre(3PL)

Do you have an e-commerce site or are you about to create one to sell to European customers? Then you may want to find ways to optimise your freight costs, to enable fast dispatch of your orders Europe-wide.

On this third episode of the E-commerce Series, we are going to discuss with our panelists how to establish a European logistics & fulfilment center. Ramon Camp, CEO of HC group will share with us their experience how they help non-European businesses set-up a stock in Europe and fulfil European orders.

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