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“10 practical tips for exporters to survive and prosper after COVID”

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As Exportia is providing an outsourced European sales & marketing team to Australian innovative SMEs, we have had to adapt our approaches to make sure our customers continue to thrive in Europe in such a bumpy climate. Our goal remains unchanged!

We still to take them to their first million Euros in Sales and we are not planning to be stopped by COVID-19. We want our customers to push through and succeed. 

In a way we are lucky to work with companies that have quite a unique positioning. They provide unique technologies which are quite IP intensive. For some of our customers, COVID-19 has resulted in a massive demand, that we now have to leverage and maximise without being able to provide face to face support.

And for some of them, times are a bit tougher and we need to maintain the relationships with their European customers alive. We have had to continue sales conversations with European that were still interested to buy, but at this stage are unable to!

So we had to come up with ways to keep the momentum, while at the same time not being pushy and showing support.

This has enabled me to start thinking about what I need my customers to put in place for us to go through these crazy times together and build more resilient businesses. Here are my ten tips.

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