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TTG Transport Technology Pty Ltd



Manufacturer of natural fiber (flax) boards and associated products for the building industry



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TTG Transportation Technology is a leading international provider of rail technology and consulting services to optimise energy efficiency of trains, schedules and utilisation of rail network capacity. TTGTT’s core business is to provide sustainable energy management for rail. The company specialises in energy optimisation and network capacity solutions for freight and passenger operations. TTGTT combines its software development and engineering skills with domain expertise in all facets of the rail industry. TTG’s software can be used as an advanced planning tool for railway optimisation where optimal advice is required to support investment in new assets, and as a real time decision support tool for daily planning and replanning of network operations, and individual train journeys.


The main challenge is that TTGTT’s clients are very large companies, and most of them are government organisations. This means that their decision cycles are very long and it may take too long to identify the right contact person at the right level. Especially in countries such as France, and to a lesser extent Germany, where it is crucial to speak the local language to be able to navigate through the maze of government departments. Moreover, TTG does compete with large multinationals in the European rail energy saving market.


TTGTT targets export markets for its technology, notably the European market. It is already established in the UK and engaged the services of Exportia in 2012 to support the expansion in France and Germany. The brief was to generate leads in these markets.

How did Exportia help?

Exportia has identified a major client for TTGTT in France: SNCF.

Based on Exportia’s business connections in France and within SNCF, Exportia identified the right contact person on a highly strategic level. Exportia has connected and created an efficient basis for communication within SNCF and has made it easier for SNCF to communicate information to TTG, such as scope of work, technological requirements and timeline.

Exportia got in-depth feedback from SNCF about the TTG solution which created a solid base of understanding between TTGTT and SNCF and helped in the overall communication and the creation of trust on both sides.

Subsequently, TTG were able to engage with SNCF to understand their requirements and built a demonstration of their solution, so when SNCF subsequently launched an international tender process, TTG had formed the basis of a relationship with SNCF and trusted in their solution.


Signing of a contract with one of the largest railway operators in the world: SNCF to supply a Driver Advisory System to the prestigious French High-Speed Train, the TGV fleet.

See the Media Release here: TTG Transportation Technology secures a major contract to supply DAS to SNCF’s prestigious TGV fleets

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