Lessons learnt from 20 years in European Sales Development, a personal journey

My world of export started with driving 10,000 km a month and through to doing a Paris/Frankfurt–Sydney flight once per month. That’s my export career in a snapshot. I started in this extraordinary industry 20 years ago and in that time, I’ve learnt a great deal. And that’s what I’m going to share in this article, but I also what I share in my books. 

The art of lobbying, a secret weapon for small businesses

Often in Europe, you have a set of norms and standards that are defined at the European level that you have to comply with. This is something that is set and you have to comply with these standards if you want to sell. To lobby for a change in a standard is a long-term undertaking. We, small businesses, need to generate revenue right here, right now. We cannot wait for this to happen before we start selling.

Here is why great customer service is important when you are trying to scale your business in Europe.

Several Australian customers of ours are now at a stage where they either have just reached the million Euros in sales or are beyond. At that stage in their development, we are looking for leverage of their current European customer base. That means growing our sales with these current customers.

5 Reasons to export to Europe now ! A message from the Exportia team to you

As I am being grounded in Australia for almost three months now, while running my export business- Exportia, I feel it's a great time to share what my team and I have learnt in the last few months. As we have continued to successfully push for sales in Europe for our Australian technology customers, we are very positive about this period. During our last team meeting, I was just asking what I should write about this week. We came to the consensus that we should share with you the reasons why we think it is a great time to export to Europe. 

Scaling in Europe : When and what type of salesperson do you recruit?

It’s extremely hard to end an employment contract for non-performance in Europe. In some markets like Germany or France, it can be extremely long and expensive to engage a dismissal process. One of our Australian customers reported to us that it did cost them close to 250,000 euros to dismiss one of their German senior managers. 

10 practical tips for exporters to survive and prosper after COVID-19

As Exportia is providing an outsourced European sales & marketing team to Australian innovative SMEs, we have had to adapt our approaches to make sure our customers continue to thrive in Europe in such a bumpy climate. Our goal remains unchanged! We still to take them to their first million Euros in Sales and we are not planning to be stopped by COVID-19. We want our customers to push through and succeed.