European Distribution

The Power of Customer Service for your Export Sales

Small and medium businesses have limited resources, and more often than not, they handle all their customer inquiries in house when it comes to export sales. They provide sales, product, technical, and even admin support to their customers. Here are the 7 key factors to help you boost your European sales with the power of [...]

Sell your Tech Products to Europe Without Travelling

One of the reasons we’ve seen substantial growth in the last few months, is due to the fact that we changed our sales strategy by effectively utilising web conferencing tools. Our business simply could not afford to wait for a future COVID end date. We see countries opening up and traveling becoming a big part [...]

Why You Need to Work with European Key Opinion Leaders

Introducing a new piece of technology into the European market can be difficult. It is part of our duty at Exportia to address the problems that come with bringing breakthrough technology produced by small and medium-sized businesses into the European market. In our experience, it is workable to lobby and change a local set of [...]

Activating your Distributor for a Successful European Expansion

In my experience working with small businesses, the most typical mistake after they pick a distributor, is that they believe the job is over. Activating distribution channels is one thing I help my clients with. By doing this, you are securing your distributor’s attention. Keep in mind distributors have other things to promote, and their [...]

3 Steps in Selecting Your Distributors when Exporting in Europe

For small businesses that want to venture out and start exporting in the European market, I always advise them to be picky with distributors! It is okay to be selective, even if your business is small. Before signing up a distributor, be sure to evaluate them carefully. Many small businesses are so eager to speak [...]

Benefits of Sales Dashboards for your Business

What Are The Benefits of Sales Dashboards for your Business? As one of my customers put it to me once: “ Exporting is like gambling time and money”. So it means, that exporters, small or medium-size high-growth businesses, need to keep a very good view of their export business: making sure they invest in the right activities, [...]

How to Effectively Market your Business in Europe

How to Effectively Market your Business in Europe Expanding your business in Europe requires you to clearly understand how you can effectively market your business. In our experience, we recommend our clients budget some marketing dollars for us to help them speed up their sales in Europe. Whatever investment our clients make in Europe must [...]