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Business Name



Manufacturer of natural fiber (flax) boards and associated products for the building industry



Target Market


De Sutter Frères is a family company who manufacture natural fiber boards for the building industry under their brand, Sanopan. The Sanopan boards are high quality products with key differentiators such as:

  • Light-weight
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sound-proof
  • Fire-resistance

De Sutter Frères is already an experienced exporter, already selling to European markets and starting to sell in Australia. Due to the interest shown by the Australian market, De Sutter Frères decided to conduct further business development in Australia.

They hired Exportia’s services to assess the potential of the Australian market and then to develop their client portfolio in Australia.


  • Due diligence needed to be conducted on local players
  • Distance between France and Australia makes it difficult to explore opportunities and to communicate regularly with clients
  • The language barrier and cultural difference were perceived as obstacles to increase business


  • To increase sales in Australia
  • To get a better idea of the Australian market
  • To make sure due diligence is conducted

How did Exportia help?

The Exportia team identified the main players in the market and conducted due diligence. The team selected and contacted high potential companies to present Sanopan products to, and arranged meetings with Mr De Sutter, the Managing Director.

One team member of Exportia assisted with meeting preparation, and participated in meetings to bridge the gap in terms of language and business culture. Then, follow-ups were conducted after the meetings were held to maximize the value of the appointments.


De Sutter Frères has increased sales in the Australian market following the visit. De Sutter Frères has now a clear understanding of the Australian market. The main players are now aware of De Sutter Fréres product range. As a consequence, they are now investigating the potential of another industry in the Australian market with the help of Exportia.

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