Story behind the 4 Steps to generate your First million Euros in Sales

As an award-winning author, as a speaker, and as the owner of Exportia, I work with amazing CEOs around the world who are strategic about their business succeeding in Europe.

Their software, device or piece of equipment often disrupts their industry and solves a major problem in a new way. They typically compete against major multinationals.

I have a track record in scaling small businesses to their first million and beyond. The way I do that is by focusing on their sales.

At the end of the day, that is what matters most. I have helped CEOs around the world through my business Exportia, where we provide an outsourced European Sales amd Marketing Team.

We deliver tailored workshops to CEOs and sales teams to share my methodology and learnings from more than 20 years of business development in Europe, selling technical products in a B2B environment.

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Christelle Damiens is the Managing Director of Exportia, which provides an outsourced European Sales & Marketing team to Australian B2B manufacturing and technology companies. She is also an award winning author and a business speaker. Her second book “The four steps to generate your first million euros in sales’  won the Australian Business Book Award 2020 in the Communications and Sales category and was a finalist in the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Category, as well as an Amazon best seller.

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