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The greatest value CleanSpace experience about hiring the services of Exportia is the speed of generating sales in Europe and the depth of penetration that the team of Exportia provides with all their activities.

Within a short amount of time we realized dealing with large national distributors in France, based on the experience and knowledge of Exportia to understand and manage cultural differences and to provide feedback from the field to us. Exportia represents CleanSpace in a number of key markets in Europe and is very comfortable to provide technical support and training to customers in their own language, which gives our clients assurance and in the end a good outcome for us.

A crucial requirement for us is to keep visibility and control of the export activities – Exportia handles this issue perfectly as it feels that they did become part of the CleanSpace team and report and discuss regularly with us about developments, strategy and feedback from the export field. Exportia captured quickly our product range as well as who we are and what we need and desire, which facilitates a trustful engagement.

The services of Exportia certainly made a difference to our bottom line and in all cases of exporting to Europe we strongly recommend working with the professional team of Exportia.

Dr Alex Birrell

Business Name
CleanSpace Australia Pty Ltd
Respiratory safety equipment, Safety, Electronics



Target Market
European market, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland


CleanSpace Australia Pty Ltd is a company specialising in respirator design and manufacture.

Founded by engineers, the team understands that respiratory protection should be comfortable, safe and easy to use. Innovation and providing the highest quality products is at the heart of everything they do. The CleanSpace™ platform builds on a combination of technologies found in today’s industrial respirators, medical respiratory devices and consumer electronics. The team has previously designed medical products from concept to manufacturing that are currently being used by millions of people around the world. Their expertise is the reason the products are safe, robust and high performing, even in the harshest environments.

Within the Australian market this young, dynamic and innovative company has developed a high quality product that is reliable and meets all international quality standards. Having already had initial interest from the European market, CleanSpace needed a way to take it to the next level without the potentially heavy investment in setting up a subsidiary in the European market.

CleanSpace engaged the services of Exportia to further identify, evaluate and “on-board” distributors, generate sales with European Key Accounts and establish a network of agents to drive uptake of the CleanSpace products in European countries. Initially CleanSpace focused on France but quick successes and a smooth roll out has meant Exportia has expanded their service for CleanSpace to Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.


  • Having a comprehensive vision of the French market to be in a position to select the best match for CleanSpace
  • Establishing the best possible right trading terms with distributors
  • Being able to train and support the distributors’ sales team to grow sales rapidly
  • Qualify, prioritise and respond to European enquiries in a timely manner
  • Get fast access to European multinationals

How did Exportia help?

Exportia facilitated the recruitment of and the negotiation of trading terms with distributors in France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland which generated revenue. In Germany, Exportia has not only evaluated distribution channels and negotiated partnerships but has reached out to industry stakeholders and key end users to build important market awareness and validation to assist to close the distribution deals.

Exportia Managing Director, Christelle Damiens attends key industry trade shows in the large markets, representing CleanSpace’s brand, product range and reputation. This value add extends CleanSpace’s capacity to engage with European distributors in their territories with their customers demonstrating the willingness to invest in their region.

With help from the Exportia team, the European clients and partners of CleanSpace are in regular contact with a team member speaking their language and their requests will be addressed in a highly responsive approach.

Exportia’s role of Sales Director in leading markets has developed into a close working relationship between the CleanSpace CEO and Global Sales Manager. Exportia has helped provide quick and systematic feedback from the field and regular reporting about European activities, resulting in a good comprehension of early market adoption and implementation issues that could be rapidly corrected. Christelle Damiens and her team have been an integral part of the a highly successful launch and rapid growth of CleanSpace without the burden of heavy investment in on-the-ground staff and translators.


  • Exportia’s activity resulted in sales from distributors in France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland
  • Using Exportia gave CleanSpace speed in their market entry into the French and German markets
  • CleanSpace is confident it provides good support to its distributors’ sales teams and key accounts, where Exportia is engaged.
  • “French” and “German” facing sales support that facilitated close engagement and rapid responses.

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