Christelle Wins the 2020 Smart WFM Australian Business Book Awards

Congratulations to our very own Managing Director, Christelle Damiens for winning the Australian Business Book Awards 2020 on Communications and Sales category and for being a finalist in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business category for her Amazon Bestseller Book “The 4 steps to generate your first million euros in sales”!

“I am thrilled, happy, excited and grateful! Huge thank you to ABBA to the judges, the organisers and the sponsor Smart WFM with Andrew Griffiths Michael Hanrahan, Ocean Reeve, Kirsty Ogden, Katrina Koo McCarter” said Christelle.

The Australian Business Book Awards recognise entrepreneurs, business people and business owners who have written and published a book demonstrating their skill, knowledge and experience in their industry.

It’s also exciting to see that this competition has just made a donation of $10,000 to the Indigenous literacy foundation.

Donate here: https://www.indigenousliteracyfoundat…

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