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Business Name
Chess Engineering



Manufacturer of natural fiber (flax) boards and associated products for the building industry



Target Market


Chess Engineering is a division of Chess Industries Ltd., an Australian company that has been providing multi-faceted engineering services to clients in specialised key markets for more than 40 years. With over 100 employees and facilities with an area of more than 10,000 sqm, Chess Engineering generates an annual turnover of 25 million Australian Dollars.

Chess Engineering designs and manufactures objects from individual machine components to large industrial systems for bulk materials handling, light to heavy fabrication, fitting, machining, and large turnkey projects. The rail industry is one of the company’s key and fastest growing market segments and Chess is looking at targeting large overseas companies from the rail sector that are participating in tenders for projects in Australia.

In this segment the value proposition of Chess is their ability to provide local maintenance services, manufacture specific parts for projects in Australia in order to avoid import and freight costs and to act as a local representative for foreign companies so that operations are seamless for their Australian clients.

Chess Engineering engaged the services of Exportia to approach relevant European players in the rail sector and to promote those capabilities to them.


  • Start doing business internationally and approaching a number of European countries simultaneously
  • Finding a point of entry with the very large multinationals in the rail industry active in Australia, but with most decisions centres in the European headquarters
  • Being considered as a valid partner for projects in Australia early before the tendering process starts


  • Identification and validation of the most suitable potential clients / business partners for Chess Engineering active in Australia among the European rail players
  • Approach the key decision makers in the companies identified, promoting Chess’s capabilities to them with the aim of finding opportunities for doing business together
  • Positioning of Chess Engineering in the global supply chain

How did Exportia help?

Exportia assisted with the design and compilation of a comprehensive capability statement showcasing Chess Engineering’s services and how they can add value in French, German and Italian.

The European rail players with the highest potential were selected and the key decision makers identified. Subsequently, the companies were approached and presented with the services Chess can offer them in the Australian rail market.

To facilitate more in-depth discussions, telephone conferences and face-to-face meetings were set up with representatives of Chess and the European players, accompanied by an Exportia team member.


  • Certainty about the European rail players that are participating in tenders for projects in Australia and whether the key decision makers are based at headquarters in Europe or locally
  • Raising the profile of Chess Engineering among the European rail players that now have Chess on their radar
  • Invitation from one of the largest rail manufacturers to participate in a request for a proposal
  • Visit of a German rail company to Australia to meet and sound out concrete opportunities for cooperation in the Australian rail sector

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