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The Underestimated Power of Customer Service

Do you know how much your customers value a good customer service experience? Perhaps you know how much your customers are willing to pay for it? Excellent customer service will help you generate more income from your customers. It’s one way to boost your income with your European customers, whether they be public organisations or large [...]

Overcoming 6 Common Objections of European Customers

In our years of working with Exporters into the European market we have found there are six common objections a European Customer will express to a small innovative business. The purpose of this blog is to share some common strategies we recommend to overcome the objections when buying a new product from a new player [...]

How Exporters to Europe are Better Learners

We have often found that Exporters to Europe often develop as a company into a stronger and better learning organisation. This has been recently confirmed by a recent Malaysian study that states "there seems to be a positive correlation between exports and innovation of firms". While exporting to Europe, exporters are exposed to a more [...]

How To Utilise The International Impact Of Your CEO

Here at Exportia, before approaching European distributors or multinationals, we collaborate with CEOs first to prepare our sales pitch. Because they are in charge and fully aware of the issue their business solves, they know what motivates customers to purchase their solution or product. To prevent sales from failing, you must consider several factors when [...]

The Power of Customer Service for your Export Sales

Small and medium businesses have limited resources, and more often than not, they handle all their customer inquiries in house when it comes to export sales. They provide sales, product, technical, and even admin support to their customers. Here are the 7 key factors to help you boost your European sales with the power of [...]

How To Accelerate Sales with a European Sales Agent Team

It’s difficult to keep track of your distributor’s sales team when you don’t have a local presence in Europe. It makes it difficult to ensure that your product will always be high on their priority list. As a result, I’ve found it useful to hire a sales team for my clients. It is also a [...]

Sell your Tech Products to Europe Without Travelling

One of the reasons we’ve seen substantial growth in the last few months, is due to the fact that we changed our sales strategy by effectively utilising web conferencing tools. Our business simply could not afford to wait for a future COVID end date. We see countries opening up and traveling becoming a big part [...]

Why You Need to Work with European Key Opinion Leaders

Introducing a new piece of technology into the European market can be difficult. It is part of our duty at Exportia to address the problems that come with bringing breakthrough technology produced by small and medium-sized businesses into the European market. In our experience, it is workable to lobby and change a local set of [...]

4 Tips for Managing your Distributors while Expanding in Europe

Now that you have activated your distributors by generating leads for them, by identifying your future sales champions for them, it’s time to manage them more closely. The objective is now to make sure that this partnership is working. For that, you need to manage them. The way you manage your distributors is first by establishing [...]