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18 August Exportia Lab: “User Manuals” How to avoid legal pitfalls when exporting to Europe

We get asked a lot of questions about user manuals for the European market: " do we need to translate our manual in all these European languages?" ; "What needs to be in these manuals for us to make sure we comply with the European standards?" Just to name a few.

Here is why setting-up a successful European distribution network is your best move in 2020

2020 is a funny year as we all know. And when it comes to successfully exporting for small businesses, I can confidently say that Europe should still be on your radar. The last six months have been extraordinary for some of our Australian customers. And some of them have encountered incredible success, mostly because they are reaping the benefits of their consistent hard work in the European market, making them a reliable supplier for European customers, even during unpredictable times. 

Why this is the perfect timing to refine your sales process in order to generate leads, close sales, leverage and retain long-term European customers in this pandemic

There has not been a better time to sell smarter! This is my conclusion from the last months of being grounded in Australia and having my European team in lock-down for a couple of months, instead of visiting key European customers and partners throughout Europe.

Why is it important to sell at a premium price when introducing a product in the European market

Price is an element of the mix that is quite important when introducing a product into the European market. It will determine the level of profitability of this line of product for the years to come. I often have this debate with one of my customers, who is quite anxious to get early sales, but at the same time, his CFO and I keep telling him we don't want to discount. The CFO thinks of long term profitability and I just don't like to discount too soon and without a good reason. Here is why.

Lessons learnt from 20 years in European Sales Development, a personal journey

My world of export started with driving 10,000 km a month and through to doing a Paris/Frankfurt–Sydney flight once per month. That’s my export career in a snapshot. I started in this extraordinary industry 20 years ago and in that time, I’ve learnt a great deal. And that’s what I’m going to share in this article, but I also what I share in my books. 

Here is why great customer service is important when you are trying to scale your business in Europe.

Several Australian customers of ours are now at a stage where they either have just reached the million Euros in sales or are beyond. At that stage in their development, we are looking for leverage of their current European customer base. That means growing our sales with these current customers.

Webinar : How Exporters can survive COVID-19 and then PROSPER

According to Austrade, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting business around the globe to differing degrees, and the situation is changing daily. Exporters have experienced challenges since COVID-19 spread internationally and closed most borders They have had to adapt quickly to survive, balancing maintaining their supply and managing their customer base. Other businesses have been subject to a sudden significant shift in demand – down or upwards.